It just gets better every time it loops.



How did this happen? When did we grow so far apart? Who’s to blame? 

Sometimes I think of something and I wish you were here so we could laugh about it together. You always did have the most infectious laugh. I miss the stupid things we got up to, all the childish games we played and how I could be myself around you without the fear of judgement. 

But somehow that changed. I lost my best friend to God knows what. And no matter how hard I try.. Somehow I just know we’ll never make it back to what it was.
"My fault lies with loving people who don’t love me, people who don’t love themselves, people who don’t know what love is and people who don’t know how to value it. I tend to think my love can change them. That because I love so intensely and so completely, I can bring out of them the love that has been hidden, but that’s never the case. My love isn’t reciprocated; it’s never valued. It isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. For thinking “Love conquers all”. Yet every time, I’m left alone with the love I gave thrown at my feet. I’m left hurting while everyone continues their lives without a hitch. All because I chose to love people I subconsciously know will never love me." - Sammie V (via babydontpullout)
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